Talk about the best holiday card photo EVER!! Josh rafted with us to do our family shoot jumping off the cliff. For all of us, this was our first cliff jump and Josh was able to capture the moment for us to remember always! Josh not only brings out the best in people, he inspires you to do more that you thought you could. To this day, I still get jealous comments from our friends about that photo!
— The Meymaris Family - Boulder, CO


Middlebury, VT - I'm an adventure photographer who creates epic portraits. My mission is to provide epic adventure photography for athletes, weekend warriors, outdoor families, and anyone who loves getting outside. I'm giving back to local Vermont organizations who provide opportunities for youth and women to participate in adventure sports.

I'm a mountain trail runner, passionate adventure photographer, and avid outdoor enthusiast. My style is vibrant and epic. People choose me because they enjoy my style of adventure photography and are fueled by the adventure that comes along with it. Going on a photoshoot with me is an experience that leaves you inspired and of course, with a smile! I'm the type of person who will hike to see the sunrise atop a mountain, dive to the depths of a lush river gorge, or go play in the forest in the local park down the street. "You don't stop playing because you got old, you got old because you stopped playing." - George Bernard

  JOSH HUMMEL mountain running on the Long Trail in Lincoln, VT

JOSH HUMMEL mountain running on the Long Trail in Lincoln, VT

Went out in the snow with Josh, who not only takes amazing photographs but is a hellava nice guy! Stoke level set to MAXIMUM!
— -Lint Banting, Triple Triple Crown Trough Hiker

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